I asked her if she really wanted to run her own photography business. She responded, “I do, but I’m scared.” We kept digging deep into her fears. She confessed and told me that the reason for her divorce was because her ex-husband started a business and he put 100% focus on his business. They grew apart and eventually it lead to divorce. She didn’t want to end up in the same situation if she started her own business. "It was the business that ruined my marriage."

I took a deep breath before I answered her because I wanted to make sure whatever I said offered clarity. This was my response to her…

I told her that she wouldn’t end up in the same situation again because she's been through the hurt and pain. It wasn't the business that hurt her marriage, it was her ex-husband. His priority wasn't her and their marriage. His priority was the business and hunger for success. 

I recommended that when she start her business to define what her priorities were before starting her photography business. Your business should not be the #1 priority. I shared with her my priority list, which is..

  1. Myself
  2. My Marriage
  3. My Family
  4. My Business 

When the first three priorities are not being taken care of, I can't move forward in creating a healthy business that truly serve my clients. We ended our call with me wishing her to let go of the fear that stemmed from her past experience because it will only deter her from doing what her heart keeps pulling her to do.  

If you have friends or colleagues who is letting past experiences control their decisions to live the life they want, please share this post. 

Past experiences are to make us wiser and smarter not hold us back! So let today be your day, seize it, and find the person you're supposed to be.