We all have big dreams!

Dreams to make a difference in the world. Dreams to travel. Dreams to build our own home. Dreams to leave our 9-5 job to run our own business. Dreams to leave our current business and build something we’re more passionate about.

Then why the heck are you not taking steps to live the life you want. 

Because I know you’re afraid.

You're afraid of change.

Change means you might not be in the safe zone.

Scared of failing.

Because failing to you means you didn’t succeed.

Your family might call you crazy.

They are probably wondering why you would want to do something different when things are going so well for you.

What’s the worst that can happen?

You’re no longer in the safe zone and you have to learn new things. But it’s alright! You will acquire new skills and discover something new and amazing about yourself.

You didn’t reach your goal, but you didn’t fail. Why? Because when you get up to do it again, you’re smarter on how to tackle the task, and learn to do it better. You’ve only failed if you gave up.

You only have this one life so live the life you want.  Your stealing from yourself if you're going to live on plan B.

I encourage you to start taking action to start living the life you want.

I’m going to leave you with this video: What's Your Biggest Regret? (Nobody Wants To Admit The Worst One Of All). Let tomorrow be a clean slate for you to create the rest of your life the way you dreamed it to be.

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You got this!!