If you’re struggling to pay off your debt, then ask yourself…

  • Why did you buy that new puppy?
  • Why did you just take out a car loan?
  • Why are you traveling so much?
  • Why are you eating out like you got no debt?
  • Why are you eating out every week?
  • Why did you buy that expensive purse?
  • Why did you just take out a mortgage?
  • Why are you giving money away when you’re struggling ?

Let’s be real. You got no more money to spend or give. Money is not the decision maker. You are. If you don’t be honest with yourself you’ll always be stuck in that place and feel the way you feel.

So say no when you have the urge to buy something you don’t need. Say no when someone ask to borrow money. Yes, say no to even your family members. You want to live a debt-free life, change your habits and change your attitude.

Remember the change starts with you!!

You got this,


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