I was a new mom and at the same time I was trying to start my own photography business. I felt like there was no time to do anything. What happened to the Sheng who was able to complete three-quarters of her to-do list? Stressed, overwhelmed, and defeated was how I felt. How does one give 100% of energy to being a wife, mother, and an entrepreneur?

It’s impossible!!

One day I just stopped doing everything. I evaluated my current life status. I realized it’s not just me and Andrew anymore. I’ve taken on two new roles: being a mother and a entrepreneur and I was a complete novice to both roles.

I can’t do it all!! Cheers to those that can! I totally envy you. I sat down and wrote what is essential to me. No shame on what’s on my list. Here is my essential list:

  • Myself - If I didn't love the person who I was, how do I give my love to someone else. 
  • My marriage, which includes my husband Andrew - I say this is my pot of gold. I could be successful, but I know if I came home every night to a broken marriage, I would be the most unhappiest woman in the world.
  • My Child - My greatest creation. The person who showed what unconditional love is and teaches me a new lesson everyday!
  • My business - It's fourth, because I know I can continue on with life if my business failed. 

Don’t be a shame on what is essential to you. Defining what’s essential you, will only help you divide your time effectively. Yes, there will be days where the list is out of order, and it’s OKAY!!

So take a few minutes and identify what is essential to you? Don’t worry I won’t judge. No one needs to know what’s on your list except you, yourself, and your partner.

Happy Wednesday!!